VIDEO - Full remarks on Senate floor.

Yesterday, Sen. Tom Carper spoke on the Senate floor to urge his colleagues to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 presidential election.

Carper urged members on both sides of the aisle to come together to protect the ongoing investigation from undue political interference, allow the Special Counsel to get to the truth and send a strong signal to President Trump that firing Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein without clear legal justification would pose a grave threat to our constitutional system of checks and balances.

“We must not be distracted by the President’s tweets and other attempts to undermine the investigation. We must keep the main thing the main thing,” said Carper. “Special Counsel Mueller and his team must finish this investigation. And Congress, especially our Republican colleagues, must do our part to protect the investigation and insist that the President stop the political interference and gamesmanship.”

Carper called on his Senate colleagues to move expeditiously to pass the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Coons, Tillis (R-NC), Booker (D-NJ), and Graham (R-SC). Carper noted that passing the legislation would preserve the rule of law in this country, should President Trump try to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and uphold the system of checks and balances on which our democracy hinges.