VIDEO - Sen. Chris Coons' remarks Thursday in the Senate. Recent hearing has exposed something hidden.

Sen. Coons: “There is an ocean of pain in this nation not yet fully heard, not yet appropriately resolved, not yet fully addressed.

“Whatever comes out of this week, whatever comes out of the proceedings of this floor today and tomorrow and this weekend, we must listen and recognize that hundreds of thousands of American women and men have been victims, are victims, will be victims of sexual assault.

“Our country is watching. This is a moment where the Senate as an institution and the country as a whole needs to show we can and will do better. And I hope we will listen.

“If I could make one request, it would be that we come out on the other side of these last few weeks with an awareness of those who are in silent and deep and lonely pain often right next to us, all around us in our families, in our churches, in our workplaces and in our communities. And that we give them the listening, the understanding, and the embrace to help them heal,” said Coons.