The "Donald & Hillary's Race To Washington" show blurs the line for reality TV.

Announcement of fall television lineups is always a big time for the networks, but they are missing a prime time opportunity by jumping over the summer this year.

Most of the major networks have already leaked information about which shows are coming back in the fall and which are headed to the scrap heap. Some have even started promoting shows that will be new this fall. But the biggest spectacle of the summer season is Donald & Hillary’s Race To Washington, which will play out over the coming months – perhaps even taking some headlines away from the new shows this fall – and come complete with major party conventions in July.

About the only reality show that it has been announced won’t be returning is “America’s Next Top Model.” The producers probably figured they couldn’t compete with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s objectification of women. The others, including “Survivor,” “Celebrity Apprentice,” “The Bachelor,” “Big Brother,” “The Amazing Race,” “Dancing With The Stars,” “The Voice,” “America’s Got Talent” and others will be back next season.

There are so many of these fake reality shows that we could put Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton in head-to-head matchups every week using a different show format. That way, all the people who think the presidential race is some sort of celebrity popularity sweepstakes will have a chance to see the top two candidates in different fantasy settings, thus giving them the information to make informed decisions when they head to the polls. Not much different than what we have seen so far in the contest.

Trump has made so many contradictory statements that it is impossible to know where he stands on any real issue facing our country. Clinton, in fighting Bernie Sanders for the nomination, has had more flip-flops than a Rehoboth Beach apparel store. Ooops, sorry. They have simply evolved on their positions.

Lock them both in a house a la “Big Brother” and let them fight it out. Throw in a little Budweiser, a.k.a. ‘Merica beer to make it even more interesting. Nothing is more ironic than people here fawning over a Belgium-based company’s jab at our collective intelligence. Wait, I take that back. The fact that Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus stopped using elephants about the same time the GOP elephant was sold to Trump is a bit ironic as well, rivaling even the Democrats’ use of a donkey – the literal butt of all jokes – as their mascot.

But I digress. The fact is, the most creative scriptwriter in Hollywood could not have written a show combining fantasy and reality that would be as big of a smash hit as this year’s presidential contest. And with the conventions coming up in just a couple months, the best plot twists are likely still to come.

Summer is usually a dull time for TV, which is why the networks release their new shows after kids are back in school and the vacation season is over. They might want to reconsider this year and push those starting dates back until, say, the second week of November. Who knows, it could all end up like an episode of the former television show Dallas where we all wake up and find the entire last year was just a dream.