Looking for a way to help a cause near and dear to your heart?

One of the best ways to help nonprofits is to donate time and money to a cause worth supporting.

Volunteers make up the bulk of those working with nonprofits, but for those who cannot donate their time, donating cash is a good way to help those working for those in need.

Beginning at midnight Thursday, June 2, the Do More 24 Delaware fundraising campaign will be online for 24 hours to allow people to donate to help nonprofits in the state.

The cash is badly needed to help programs who have been unable to raise enough funding to maintain their programs as well as meeting their own needs for administrative and support services.

The Do More 24 campaign will help many nonprofits publicize their programs as well as raise immediate cash and hopefully make those revenue streams more permanent.

Jim Martin, director and program manager for the ACE Peer Resource Center in Seaford, said exposure during the Do More 24 campaign will help the program grow.

“Starting at midnight tonight I am asking my friends to donate at least $24 to the Peer Resource Center,” Martin said. “We are planning to expand our program to Georgetown and your gifts will help us out a lot!”

The program, which is powered by the United Way of Delaware, is an all-online movement that lets people donate to causes in the area they want to support.

The website, domore24delaware.com, lists more than 200 organizations, from the Delaware Humane Association to Goodwill of Delaware, united under the Do More 24 Delaware banner.