Lots of people say they support Donald Trump, but you don't hear many say they support some of the things he is saying.

Come November, it will be interesting to see how many Republicans decide to just sit out this presidential election.

I’d bet there are quite a few.

The party predisposed to shooting itself in the foot is going into November full throttle with one of the only people – perhaps on the entire planet – capable of losing to presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Just as it did in 2008 when it catered to the fringe and made patriotic hero and Sen. John McCain share the stage with Sarah Palin, likely costing him the election to Barack Obama, and as they did in 2012 when the fringe made Mitt Romney run himself in circles trying to defend positions he obviously didn’t believe in, this election cycle brings us the presumptive nomination of a failed businessman, carnival hawker and narcissist whose only real claim to fame is a two-word catch phrase – you’re fired.

Remember how Clinton was the presumptive nominee back in 2008 as well? Obama gets a lot of credit for beating her, but in reality the woman is so disliked that the Democrats mounted their own “anybody but …” campaign that year to assure her loss. Faced with a similar situation this year (remember Jeb?), Republicans rummaged through their field of heavily qualified candidates until they found Donald Trump, the weakest possible one.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I’d be thinking that the Republican Party is run by Democrats in disguise.

I may be in the minority here, but I still think the person behind the public persona is important, especially when it comes to leading our country.

If I had an 18-year-old daughter, I would not feel comfortable leaving her alone in a room with Trump, a man who has said it is too bad he is related to his own daughter because he would date her. Eeeewww.

I don’t think it is right, in the year 2016, to publicly objectify women or insinuate their only value is in strutting across the stage in a bathing suit for a beauty contest.

Forming opinions of people based entirely on their heritage or skin color, disparaging people with disabilities and just generally acting like a schoolyard bully are not traits that I tend to look for when searching for the best presidential candidate, yet they have all been displayed by the Republicans’ choice.

After Clinton ripped Trump as dangerous and unstable in a speech last week, NBC’s Chuck Todd had a great tweet on Twitter where he asked if Trump had a “SINO” problem. Supporters In Name Only. In fact, about the only thing Republicans cite when talking about voting for Trump is how “we have to take back the White House” and how “they would never vote for Clinton.”

The thing they haven’t figured out yet, apparently, is that Trump isn’t a Republican. He’s using the brand as a means to achieve an end, and if he should happen to beat Clinton, it won’t be a Republican White House, it will be a Trump White House. If you believe anything else you really haven’t been paying attention.

At the end of the day, I think many more Republicans will see this, which is why I think more of them will just stay home. Just as well. The party as we used to know it is gone anyway. Trump has said as much in claiming victory over the so-called establishment. It’s his party now. The pillars that have held the GOP high have crumbled. The only remaining question is whether the masses will capitulate to their king, or start a new party on the founding principles of the old one.