A number of bands on the bill for Firefly have interesting names. The Nashville quintet Moon Taxi is one of them.

A number of bands on the bill for Firefly have interesting names. The Nashville quintet Moon Taxi is one of them.

“The band name came about through a series of events involving public nudity directed toward taxi cabs," said drummer Tyler Ritter. "Ultimately, the name expresses the freedom of any man, woman or mutant to pull their pants down and moon a taxi if they damn-well please."

Moon Taxi, an alternative/indie-rock band, will deliver two performances in The Woodlands of Dover on Saturday.

"Daybreaker" is the third and latest album from the band. It opens with the single "Year Zero," the perfect sing-a-long song. The tune envelopes the listener with echoing oh’s and ah’s, a swooning chorus and soaring guitar riffs.

"Daybreaker," released in late 2015, features 11 tracks that showcase exactly why Moon Taxi has been dubbed "the live" band. For the first time since inception, all five members were together in the studio, performing and rehearsing as a band, rather than self-producing bits and pieces at home.

The record glides effortlessly from track to track, building upon the sentiment of the last. Mid-album gem "Make Your Mind Up" offers a great contrasting of upbeat hooks and heartfelt lyrics, while closer "Rooftops" shows a softer more intimate side to Moon Taxi, lending itself to be the soundtrack of a midnight rendezvous.

Moon Taxi played the inaugural Firefly in 2012, back when the festival featured close to 50 performers, roughly half of the acts playing the venue this weekend.

Before cabbing it to Firefly, Ritter discussed “Game of Thrones,” reading license plates in Delaware and more in this edition of Five Questions.

For those who may not be fans yet, describe your music in 10 words or less.

Explosive. We are highly explosive.

Share something unique/cool/fun that most fans might not know about you or the band.

The five of us are avid “Game of Thrones” viewers and are pretty partial to the "Bran controls the world" theory.

What do you remember about your last show in Delaware?

I believe that the only visit to Delaware we've had in the past was the first time that we performed at Firefly, which was a few years back. I mostly remember reading all of the license plates and being impressed that you all were the First State. I thought that was pretty cool.

Who are a couple of your favorite music artists?

Tame Impala is a Moon Taxi fav.

What are you doing for summer vacation?

Other than playing music festivals, there will be a lot of beach bumming, golfing, reading, pool crashing, boat stealing, barbecue grilling, Bud Light Lime guzzling and many other activities that would leave one dazed and confused in summer bliss.


WHEN Saturday from 6:15 to 7 p.m. (on Porch Stage) and again from 8:45 to 9:15 p.m. (on Treehouse Stage)

WHERE Firefly Music Festival, 1131 N. Dupont Highway, Dover

MORE INFO fireflyfestival.com