The Middletown-Odessa Garden Club has been busy since spring began, making some local spots look prettier by planting colorful seasonal flowers.

Since 1956, when the garden club was founded, members have used their green thumbs to maintain numerous gardens in the MOT area, particularly the one at the Cochran Square in Middletown, the garden at the Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library and the garden at the Corbit-Sharp House in Odessa.

Earlier this month, the club revamped the garden at Cochran Square and turned it into a “pollinator garden” where bees and butterflies can feed and find refuge.

“We’ve been taking care of that garden since the mid-1990s and it’s had a couple of renovations,” said Betty Kramarck of Townsend, a longtime member of the garden club. “But most of the time the plantings were too large and merchants complained that their shops couldn’t be seen so we decided that we were going to clear everything.”

The Town of Middletown partnered with the club to help members get the job done and provide all the materials and plants for the new garden, Kramarck added. The plot now looks very different and features various kinds of flowers as well as herbs.

“Drivers can see the business very well now when they drive by,” she said.

Stephanie Nichols has been a member of the club for five years and is its current president. She said that members recently cleaned up and gave new life to the plants and flowers at the Pocket Park on Main Street, near the Everett Theater.

Nichols and the other 32 garden club members have also started a seed library – a large cabinet with tiny drawers each containing different kinds of seeds that are free to the public. The library is located at the Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library in Odessa.

The club also held its first public flower show – “Flower Show on Main” – at the Gibby Center for the Arts last week on June 10. The show has been held privately every other year, but members wanted the public to also enjoy it this year.

The show had two divisions: flower design and horticulture. On display, there are flower arrangements and clippings of plants from members’ yards. The last day for viewing was on Saturday.

“There are so many people that still don’t know the club is around, even though we’ve existed for such a long time,” Nichols said. “It’s a great club to join and I really love it. It’s a nice group of members and some of them have stayed with it since it started in 1956.”

For now, club members will take a break for a few months before gearing up again with new garden ideas and maintenance in September. Maintenance crews from the Town of Middletown will look after the gardens until then.

“We’re really counting on them to water the plants,” Kramarck said. “We’re very glad for their willingness to help.”

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