Donald Trump's lies just keep coming and coming.

There’s an old saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” but the old cliché doesn’t extrapolate out to people who get fooled dozens of times over the course of many months, or where the shame should lie if that happened.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy six times (not the four times he professed in a lie in last week’s debate). That means a lot of people who did business with him didn’t get paid. Families dependent on a paycheck instead saw the company they worked for fold, and they were left with nothing while Trump, protected by the laws governing bankruptcy, didn’t lose his personal fortune.

Trump also stands accused of bilking people with his fake Trump University.

And he has said time and again (the last time was just last week in the debate) that he only got “a small loan from his father” when he was starting out. In fact, it was $1 million. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t consider $1 million to an individual a “small loan.”

Trump also said, muttering below his breath as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton questioned why he won’t release his tax returns, that if he hadn’t paid any taxes as she suggested “that makes me smart.” Oh, and he mentioned that the housing crisis that wiped out the savings of thousands of families was a financial boon to him.

So right from the start we have someone who not only admits, but takes pride in the fact that he ripped off contractors, that he games the system and that he takes advantage of other people’s misfortune for his own personal gain. And this man is running for president.

Forget about political parties. Con artists aren’t limited by political affiliation. Many are Republican, quite a few are Democrat and there are probably more than a handful that don’t care about any political party. Trump himself has said he has given freely to candidates of both parties over the years because once he gives to a candidate that person owes him, and when he calls to collect on that debt they answer his call.

This isn’t any “lame-stream media spin.” These are Trump’s own words. Most are available on YouTube or through some other channel.

Time and again throughout this campaign the Republican nominee has shown that his main motivation in any situation is what will benefit him, or what will make him look best. During the debate, he complained about negative campaign ads that Clinton was airing, but a majority of those ads merely played back Trump saying things. Oftentimes, Trump’s response is to deny that he said the thing in the first place.

Like he denies saying climate change is a hoax created by China, even though it was right there in a tweet he sent out that his campaign tried to delete. Like he denies saying he was for the Iraq war, even though there is tape of him doing just that on the Howard Stern show.

Some of his gaffs, like during the debate when he blamed President Bill Clinton for NAFTA when it was Republican George H.W. Bush who actually signed that legislation, or when he said the murder rate in New York was skyrocketing, even though it has actually declined, , I can let slide. Can’t expect everyone to know every little detail about everything. But the constant lies just keep piling up and his supporters just keep looking right past them.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 100 times …