Which countries would fit inside Delaware?

Here's the last island nation that can fit in a First State-sized pocket ... Cape Verde, made up of 10 islands.

This country's in the Atlantic near Africa, and officially Republic of Cabo Verde. See Lonely Planet.

Population: about 525,000 people. Delaware's population is about 935,000. But they're spread across the ocean in an area from Hershey, Pa., to Crisfield, Md. and off the coast of New Jersey.

Wikipedia says it was first inhabited by the Portuguese, and it became independent in 1975. The military consists of a coast guard and an army; 0.7% of the country's GDP was spent on the military in 2005.

Info courtesy SelfStorage.com, which decided to pretend our state's a storage unit and fit some countries into it.

If Delaware managed to secede, it would be the 164th largest country in the world.