Ex-Paramore drummer to gig with his band Halfnoise in Philly on Nov. 12.

Former Paramore drummer and band co-founder Zac Farro has fresh tunes to share with his outfit Halfnoise at MilkBoy Philly in Pennsylvania on Nov. 12.

The new Halfnoise LP, “Sudden Feeling,” bears summery vibes, danceable beats with chillwave and indie-rock flavor over 11 tracks with vocals crooned by Farro. The project is a far cry from the pop-rock tunes he performed with Paramore.

“I wanted to write an album that fit my personality a bit more,” said Farro of Nashville. “Although it’s my project, I love surrounding myself with friends to collaborate with. So those were my goals and I'm super happy with the results.”

Farro’s professional music career began when he was just 13, recording and touring with Paramore. Shortly after leaving the band in 2010, he went back to school, started writing his own music and moved to New Zealand for a year.

Since going solo, he’s released three projects, including his latest, “Sudden Feeling.”

However, longtime fans of Farro and Paramore will get a taste of nostalgia on Paramore’s upcoming album, featuring Farro behind drums on the new project. A release date for the record hasn't been announced.

Having drummed on Paramore's new album, what is new that you brought to this record that you hadn't on their previous projects you worked on?

I am not really sure, probably more dynamics than ever. When I was younger I had only one volume and it was loud [laughs]; hopefully other things as well, but that comes to mind first.

Milkboy is pretty close to Voorhees, New Jersey where you were born. Do you have a lot of friends and family from that area?

I actually don't have any family there, I don't think. We moved to Tennessee when I was 2, so I was only really born there. And I don’t really watch sports, but my older brother is a die-hard Eagles guy.

Your previous solo project, "Volcano Crowe," had more of a melancholy vibe than "Sudden Feeling." What inspired the upbeat tone of your new album?

I love somber music, but my personality is way more upbeat and I wanted this album to reflect that more.

What led you to creating danceable indie rock?

I think it was a culmination of things: one was living in summer for three years straight bouncing back and forth from Nashville to New Zealand. Another would be just the music I was listening to at the time. And I naturally just write indie-rock music. I also love to dance. 

How were you introduced to the drums?

I was in a summer school program because I think my mom could tell I was sort of bored that summer. So one day a guy brought in his drums. He asked the whole class if anyone wanted to play the drums and, without even knowing, I had raised my hand. From then on I just loved playing. 

Aside from your fall/winter tour, what else is on the horizon for you?

Finishing up this tour in the states then, after the holidays, heading over to the U.K. for a tour over there. I’m very, very excited about that.