While Sussex and Kent counties favored more of the Republican candidates, the larger population in New Castle helped push Democrats to victories.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may not have carried Delaware, but Sussex and Kent County voters cast their ballots for him over Democrat Hillary Clinton by large margins.

In Sussex, Trump won by almost a two-to-one margin, 62,607 votes to Clinton’s 39,329. Kent voters saw a closer race, with Trump edging Clinton 36,989 votes to 33,347.

That margin in the lower counties wasn’t enough to overtake Clinton’s huge advantage in New Castle, where she earned 162,905 votes to Trump’s 85,507.

The Democratic wave continued through the state races, with Democrats taking the governor’s office, lieutenant governor, insurance commissioner and the state’s lone U.S. House of Representatives seat.

In that race, Lisa Blunt Rochester defeated Hans Reigle 233,542 to 172,280, with Reigle winning in the less populated Kent and Sussex counties and Rochester taking New Castle.

In the governor’s race, Democrat John Carney Jr. defeated Republican Colin Bonini , with Carney winning in both Kent and New Castle counties and Sussex casting more ballots for Bonini.

Democrat Bethany Hall-Long also won in Kent and New Castle counties on her way to becoming the state’s next lieutenant governor, defeating La Mar Gunn 248,140 to 169,288 statewide.

In the race for insurance commissioner, Democrat Trinidad Navarro defeated Republican Jeffrey Cragg in both Kent and New Castle counties on his way to a 246,427 to 169,226 victory statewide, with Sussex again voting for the Republican candidate.