Middletown voters were out in force to make their voices heard at the polls for the 2016 election Tuesday, but some weren’t happy about the options they had.

“The most important race to me is the presidential race,” said Laurie Smith, who had just cast her ballot at Middletown High School. “I’m not happy with the two major candidates; I can’t believe that this is what we were stuck with.”

Smith declined to reveal who her presidential pick was.

Nikki Johnson, who cast her ballot at the Middletown High School, was also dismayed at the two main presidential choices.

“It was a very, very difficult decision for me,” Johnson said of picking between the two main presidential nominees. “I had a lot to think about. I’m from a military family, so I have to think about what would happen if federal employment was discontinued, and Mr. Trump says he will immediately shut down all federal employment. However, I’m Catholic, so I have pro-life morals, and on that I do side with Mr. Trump.

“I’m also a woman. I obviously would like to see a female president voted in during my lifetime, and that makes me think of Mrs. Clinton,” said Johnson. “I also like the fact that one of her political agendas is equal pay. At the same time, being from a military family, I think she was very irresponsible with how she handled the e-mails. I feel that there was a definite injustice done there, as far as her being held accountable.”

Johnson also noted that while she respects Trump for funding his campaign with his own money, many of the statements he has made in regards to women and those with disabilities were hard to get past. Ultimately, after much consideration, she decided to cast her ballot in favor of Hillary Clinton.

One voter at St. Georges Tech, who wished to remain unnamed, was unenthused with the options that were available for the presidential race, the race that held the most importance in his mind. The voter described the two main candidates as “very weak,” noting that both candidates have many major flaws, and only voted for the candidate that he felt was the “lesser of two evils,” which was Hillary Clinton.