Bring Christmas trees to a yard waste recycling spot, but first contact a facility for specific hours and details.

Christmas trees are no longer accepted for recycling at any Delaware State Park.

Only Christmas trees from Delaware residents will be accepted for free at yard waste recyclers.

Trees will not be accepted from commercial haulers or tree vendors without prior approval from a yard waste facility. Christmas tree decorations, including hooks, wire, tinsel and ornaments and wood and metal tree stands must be removed from all trees before dropping them off for recycling.

Christmas tree recycling can save landfill space. At least 23 percent of residential waste in the state includes grass, leaves, brush, trees and other lawn maintenance and landscaped materials. Prior to Delaware’s yard waste bans, these materials — a resource for recycling rather than waste — were deposited in landfills, using capacity while limiting local markets for mulch and compost.

Many entities across the state also collect Christmas trees, including various waste haulers and landscapers. Regular trash haulers may offer special collections for Christmas trees in January.

Note that facilities may charge a fee for other yard waste. For more information, visit