In advance of possible snowfall of up to three inches, crews from the Delaware Department of Transportation have been pre-treating roads across the state. 

Crews are spraying a salt and water mixture called brine onto the roads and bridges. The water allows the brine to soak into the lower portions of the roads, where it can remain effective for up to five days. When snow falls and ice forms, the salt minimizes and delays any accumulation.

By the end of the day today, Wednesday, Jan. 4, DelDOT officials plan to have both primary and secondary roads across the state pre-treated with brine.

Residents can monitor road conditions remotely by viewing streaming video from any of DelDOT's more than 100 live traffic cameras, situated across the state. The cameras can be viewed on the department's interactive traffic map at or on the DelDOT smart phone app. 

When active plowing operations begin, residents can track the progress of DelDOT plows by watching the snowplow tracker, which is also available on and on the DelDOT smart phone app as well. 

To download the free DelDOT App search for "DelDOT" at the Google Play and Apple App stores.