The Delaware Department of Transportation is preparing the state's roads, bridges and ramps for the anticipated rain, freezing rain, sleet and/or snow that will begin tonight and tomorrow. Brine has been applied to roads in all three counties, all DelDOT units are stocked with de-icing materials and crews are expected to work on a rotating 24-hour shift.

DelDOT offers the following winter driving tips:

Remember that bridges and overpasses typically freeze sooner than approach roads. Slow down before traveling over an elevated roadway and keeping steady momentum without braking will help you keep control of your vehicle. Stay informed and plan ahead by listening to weather reports, run errands before the storm arrives and if you must drive in bad weather leave plenty of time to reach your destination. Stay alert for snowplows that may be slowing, stopping, turning or pulling over with little warning. They also may travel over centerlines or along road shoulders to improve road conditions. Never drive close enough to a plow to be hit by snow and ice, salt or brine spraying, as doing so is dangerous and can damage your vehicle.

Motorists can contact the Transportation Management Center (TMC) 24/7 to report any travel or traffic related issues at the following numbers: #77 from any cell phone, (302) 659-4600 or 1-800-324-8379.

Motorists may adjust their routes or travel times by using DelDOT's Smartphone application. The DelDOT App is available for Apple & Android smart phones and tablets, and can be downloaded free, search for "DelDOT" at the Apple and Google Play stores. With the DelDOT App you can view real-time traffic cameras, travel times, delays and advisories and also listen to WTMC 1380 AM.