Streaks of dried salt cover many roads in Delaware this evening, Sunday, Jan. 29, as crews from the Delaware Department of Transportation are preparing them for possible snowfall overnight. 
  Crews spent today spraying brine, a salt and water mixture, onto many primary and secondary roads in Kent and Sussex Counties. As New Castle appears to be on the edge of the storm, crews there will pre-treat the roads if the forecast changes. In addition to their work pretreating the roads, crews will be reporting for work before dawn tomorrow morning in order to be on the roads to apply salt or plow, if necessary.   Officials from DelDOT suggest residents commuting to work in the morning leave a bit earlier than usual to allow for more travel time, as there might be slippery areas on the roads and bridges in the morning.   Motorists are asked to not pass a snow plow when it is plowing or applying salt, and if a motorist must travel behind a plow, they are asked to stay at least five car lengths behind it.