St. Anne’s Episcopal School is announcing a new scholarship for $5,000 per year for one new middle school student applying for grades five to eight for the 2017-18 academic year.

This scholarship is need-based and is available to new students with a parent or legal guardian currently working for a university or college that offers higher education in this region. The award may continue each year that the student is enrolled at St. Anne’s through eighth-grade graduation, up to four years.

An online financial aid application is required to qualify for the scholarship. This process is confidential and candidates may be eligible for additional financial assistance. Applications, instructions and open house dates can be found at in the admission section.

There is no area residency requirement. Current St. Anne’s students live in all three Delaware counties as well as northern and eastern Maryland and Pennsylvania. Dover and portions of Maryland are included in the school’s transportation program, which is described online.

Additional scholarships available at St. Anne’s next year include one U.S. Service Scholarship for $7,500 per year for students with a family member who has served in the U.S. Armed Forces, and two community merit scholarships each worth $7,500 per year. Both of these scholarships are for new students entering grades five through eight and continue for the number of years that they attend the school.

The Service Scholarship is need based. Middle school students with an immediate family member who is serving or has served in any of the five branches of the U.S. military may apply. The merit scholarships are awarded annually to talented new middle school students.

All scholarship programs candidates must submit the admission application and indicate their desire to be considered by April 14. Applicants must have an interview and a day of classroom participation. Parents are also expected to tour and meet with school administrators. The required admission exam will be administered April 22 by invitation. For information, call 378-3179, ext. 311.