The Division of Public Health recently announced three more flu-related fatalities, bringing this season’s total to 11.

The second week of March, an 83-year-old New Castle County woman, infected with influenza B; and a 77-year-old Kent County woman, infected with influenza A, died. The third week of March, a 76-year-old Sussex County woman, also infected with influenza A, died. All had underlying health conditions in addition to being ill with the flu.

The recent fatalities nearly double the number of flu-related deaths from the 2015-16 season, during which six Delawareans passed away due to flu-related illnesses, but is lower than the 2014-15 season when Delaware saw 28 flu fatalities. The overall number of lab-confirmed flu cases this season, however, is the highest in more than a decade.

As of the week ending March 18, there are 3,366 laboratory-confirmed flu cases in Delaware, 1,115 more cases than the 2,251 cases in 2015-16. Of the 3,366 lab-confirmed cases, 1,650 individuals are from New Castle County, 1,013 are from Kent County and 703 are from Sussex County. These numbers reflect lab-confirmed cases.

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