Sen. Stephanie Hansen convened a Multicultural Advisory Coalition that will meet monthly to discuss issues facing Delawareans of various races, nationalities and faith communities.

“I’ve long believed that we must proactively come to the table as members of different races and cultures to discuss the things we have in common and the things that are unique to our experiences,” Hansen said. “That’s why convening this coalition has been one of my top priorities since I was elected to the Senate in February.”

An initial meeting of the coalition was held April 13 in Middletown. More than a dozen community stakeholders participated, including representatives from MOT Chapter of the NAACP; Delaware Africa Caribbean Coalition; Delaware Council on Global and Muslim Affairs; Delaware Asian American Business Association; Indo American Association of Delaware; Jamaican Diaspora; Emerge USA; and individual members of the Hispanic and Chinese communities.

The coalition will meet monthly at various locations throughout the district in order to maintain a running dialogue about issues facing individual communities and the 10th District.

“Sen. Hansen deserves a great deal of credit for bringing all of us together and listening to us,” said Curtis Rogers, vice president of the MOT Branch of the NAACP. “We may come from different backgrounds, but first and foremost we are Delawareans, and we care deeply about the state we call home, one another and all of our neighbors.”