The baseball field at Townsend Municipal Park is getting a facelift thanks to Iron Source and Steve Duncan, the founder of the Slims Chance Foundation.

“It’s pretty much been sitting idle since we put it in, eight or nine years ago,” said Townsend Councilwoman Lorraine Gorman. “A few teams have used it for t-ball practice here and there, but it was not suitable for Little League play because of the baseline measurements and infield condition.”

Gorman said she was approached by Duncan about restoring the field so that the Slims Chance Foundation’s own baseball team, the SC Bulldogs, could use it.

“We just felt like this would be a great opportunity,” Duncan said. “There aren’t a lot of Little League fields in the MOT area, so to get this field playable would be great for the community. Secondly, I was looking for land to buy for our travel team, the SC Bulldogs. We’ve got an 8U, a 9U, a 10U, two 11Us.”

About the Slims Chance Foundation

The Slims Chance Foundation was created to help children who have lost a parent to a sudden death or traumatic illness. It was created in honor of Michael Duncan, nicknamed Slim, who passed away Feb. 8, 2010, leaving behind a daughter.

None of the proceeds donated to Slims Chance go to the SC Bulldogs. Instead the SC Bulldogs participate in local charities, as a way of giving back to the community.

Getting the ball rolling

Once things were ironed out between the Townsend Town Council and Steve Duncan, Gorman approached Mark Keele, the local territory manager of Iron Source, about renting some equipment needed to restore the field.

“We are always very community oriented,” Keeler said, as he stood watching the baseball field’s transformation take place. “When they came and asked if they could rent the equipment, I said, ‘You don’t need to rent it. We’ll donate it.’”

Work on the restoring the field began April 10. Originally, the last shipment of dirt required to bring the field up to grade was scheduled for April 15. However, a few kinks caused the delivery to be rescheduled.

“The guys that were going to spread the final load were unable to be there on that date,” Gorman said. “However, to the naked eye, the field looks complete. The grade just isn’t quite high enough yet.”

No tax money used 

Gorman also wanted to emphasize to Townsend residents that this project would not have an effect on their taxes.

“To fund our part of the project, we used the proceeds from the Town Fair last year,” Gorman said. “We had a lot of big vendors that came, and it was a very successful event, so to avoid any new taxes, we used those funds.”

The final shipment of dirt for the field has not been rescheduled yet, but Gorman said it could be sometime near the end of the month.

Once the shipment has been rescheduled, it should only take a couple of days until the dirt is delivered for the field to be in playable condition, giving the SC Bulldogs and Little League teams a great place to play.