Everything is smart nowadays. We have smart phones, smart TVs, smart thermostats, but have you ever heard of a smart tanning salon?

Mrs. Delaware 2013, Christine Rich, has opened Blue Palm Salon in the shopping center on South Ridge Avenue near Chick fil-A, and she is all about smart tanning. In fact, her salon is Smart Tan certified.

What does that mean? It means that Blue Palm evaluates a client’s skin type to determine the best method for the perfect tan. Also, should a client be classified as a Type 1 skin type, meaning skin that only burns and never tans, the client won’t be allowed to tan using UV beds in the salon. Those who aren't eligible for UV tanning beds are still offered the ability to use the UV fee airbrushing and spray tan systems. 

“We see a lot of those types, but we also see a lot of people that are borderline, so we start them off very slowly,” Rich stated. “We won’t let them go off our plan and we will take full control, because we can guarantee the results.

“We ask our clients to trust us. We have a plan for them, so we ask them to just trust – trust the system, trust our education, and to put their faith in us. We’ll make sure you get your perfect tan.”

Rich also noted that they are concerned about sunburn prevention at Blue Palm, noting that if there is a visible red that lasts for over an hour it is documented, even if the redness doesn’t develop in to a burn.

“We have had roughly 100 tans in the salon already, and only had to document anything one time,” Rich said. “That time was because she did not use the lotion that we recommended that she should use. So, we have a flawless plan, and as long as our system is put into place, we could essentially not have any burns in this salon.”

Rich noted that the process is dependent on the client’s cooperation, noting that it comes down to them giving the client the needed plan and tools, but it is up to the client to follow the plan.

“People have the misconception that if they burn, they tan,” Rich said. “That’s not the case, when you burn, your skin tries to repair itself. It can’t tan if it’s trying to repair itself.”

Another thing that is “smart” about Blue Palm is the Sun Angel Duo 1400 tanning bed, which scans the client’s body and automatically calculates their tan. It also can switch from tanning to strictly emitting vitamin D.

“With all the backlash that there is against UV beds, I knew I wanted to find the best equipment,” Rich said. “We found this bed at a smart tanning convention in Nashville, and we knew if we were going to be a full-service tanning salon that we would have to have this bed.”