Things are moving along on schedule with construction of the new U.S. Route 301 toll road in the Middletown area, according to Ken Cimino, DelDOT’s Public Outreach Coordinator.

“We had a very warm, very mild winter, which was advantageous to the construction projects,” Cimino said. “We moved a lot of dirt during the winter, which is unusual, and several of the projects are either on schedule or ahead of schedule.”

Cimino noted there are quite a few portions of the Route 301 project that are ready to begin laying the soil and cement section of the pavement.

“With how things are moving along, we expect concrete paving later this summer,” Cimino said. “The 1C, the R.E. Pierson section, is ready for soil cement, as is the section 3 project by Greggo & Ferrara, by Levels Road and the Maryland line. The Alan Myers portion, the 2A project, is fine grading at the moment, and should be ready for soil cement soon too.”

Cimino said with the approach of summer and drier weather, he expects the pace of the Route 301 construction to continue.

“The rain we just had over the last week or so won’t have much of a long-term effect,” Cimino said. “It’s been relatively dry, and at this time, we don’t expect any major issues.

Middle Neck Road should re-open by the second week of June, after Levels Road re-opens, he said.

Few complaints at meetings

When asked if he had heard of any major complaints, Cimino answered that attendance for the quarterly meetings, held for each section of the Route 301 Project, had been low.

“Low attendance, to me, means no complaints, and we’ve had very low attendance so far,” Cimino said. “At our last section 1 meeting, held on April 19, we only had four in attendance. It was a fast meeting, and really just an update.”

The next meeting for Section 1 will take place July 19 at 10 a.m., at the Middletown Town Hall.

Cimino did note that the last Section 2 meeting had a total of 11 people in attendance, and that the main concern for them was stockpiling of dirt by the section designated for the future spur road.

“We had a few people asking questions about that,” Cimino said. “They wanted to know if it was being built, which it is not. It’s still in design. It’s only at 30 percent currently.”

Cimino said the reason that they are stockpiling dirt now is because there is a certain amount that needs to be excavated at the Levels Road site in order for them to meet their environmental permit.

“It is cheaper for us to stockpile the materials now, at the area designated to the spur road, for future use,” Cimino said. “It would cost more money for us to pay a contractor to haul the materials off site, would just cost tax payers even more money.”

No lane closures for Memorial Day

With Memorial Day approaching, many have been wondering how will road closures affect their holiday travels. According to Cimino, they won’t.

“This will be no different than any other statewide project,” said Cimino. “There will be no daily lane closures the day before and the day after a holiday. In this case, that means no daily lane closures on Friday and Monday.”