State stays open another 3 days, General Assembly will meet until a budget is passed.

Lawmakers early Saturday approved and Gov. John Carney signed Senate Bill 137, a short-term appropriation that will fund state government at 2017 levels for 72 hours.

Carney early Saturday morning said this on the General Assembly’s failure to reach a budget agreement:

“I’m deeply disappointed that the General Assembly has failed to reach an agreement to pass a balanced budget, and a responsible long-term financial plan. The people of Delaware expect us to responsibly do their business, and that includes working together to enact a responsible financial plan for the state.

"As I’ve been saying for months, we need a balanced, long-term plan that relies on spending reductions and new revenue to solve our financial challenges in a sustainable way. The fact is we met Republican leaders more than halfway. We have pledged to support real spending reductions, and fiscal reforms that would place controls on future spending.

"Unfortunately, Republicans have been unwilling to compromise on their ideological demands, and have not agreed to support a sustainable plan to raise new revenue. But our work will continue, and it’s time for members of the General Assembly to get serious about passing a long-term budget.”

The Governor also signed an extraordinary session proclamation to call the General Assembly back to session at 1:00 PM on Sunday, July 2. The Governor intends to call the General Assembly into session each day until a Fiscal Year 2018 budget is enacted into law.