Dover's Awake At Last to have CD-release show in Dover on Friday, and play on major music tour in Maryland on July 16.

Vincent Torres and his four amigos in the Dover outfit Awake At Last are having a pleasantly restless summer. 

For starters, the theatrical rockers are dropping their new record, “Life, Death, Rebirth” Friday, with a CD-release show at Tom’s Bullpen that night. They’ll have another release party in Baltimore on Saturday.

Then they’ll return to Maryland July 16 to play the main stage on the Vans Warped Tour, joining a beefy roster of acts like GWAR, Andy Black, Silverstein and Hawthorne Heights.

Awake At Last earned the show by winning the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. The gig will be the group’s third time playing a Warped Tour date since 2014. But it’ll be their first time on the main stage.

“It’s a big milestone,” said Torres, of Smyrna. “It’s the kind of excitement and anxiety you feel before you get on a killer roller coaster. I know it’s going to be a hell of a ride.”

Awake At Last has scheduled a seven-date tour in August, including stops in South Carolina, Ohio and New York.

Lead singer Torres discussed the concept behind the band’s new EP, who he wants to see at Warped Tour and more.

Why did you choose “Life, Death Rebirth?” as the title?

I was in a really dark place and because my mental health was going bad, I started thinking a lot about life, what I’ve accomplished, the people I’ve impacted and the mistakes I’ve made. When I started to compile the album, the concept was to help me overcome obstacles.

I did this by telling a fictional story about a soul that passed onto the afterlife. Because my mental health was so iffy, I was reading a lot of spiritual texts about universal laws and “The Tibetan Book of the Dead” - texts written by more enlightened people to try to find some answers in it. I was inspired by a lot of what I read, so I decided to tell my own little version of what I think the afterlife would be like.

What are some of the stories on the record?

The album starts off dark and chaotic and the themes are about fear, pride and anxiety, fear of failure and fear of success - all the obstacles that people put in their own way to kind of stop them from ascending.

As you get through the record you get through the finer aspects of life: you get love, joy, happiness and friendship. These things are all reflecting in that [main] character’s mind as he’s watching it all play out.

Having played Warped Tour already, what have you learned?

I think we’re going to be more prepared for the heat. I think now that I’m not playing guitar for the band anymore, I can focus on really playing to the crowd, interacting and letting them know how grateful we are to be there.

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

I’d love to see GWAR, because I hear the band puts on a crazy show. I’m not super familiar with them, but I have a lot of friends who say GWAR shows are pretty ridiculous.

And when I first started playing in bands with Eric Blackway back in the day, we were big fans of the band Blessthefall - basically when they were kind of at the level we’re starting to come up on now. They’ve always been one of those bands that kind of paved the way for us. So I’m excited to see them.

What else will you do there?

We’re going to be promoting. It just got announced that we’re going out with our friends in the Funeral Portrait and another great band called Marina City. A lot of the places we’re going to be playing in August are decently close to where the Warped Tour markets are. So we’re going to be just trying to keep building a fan base and getting newer kids out to the shows, so they’ll have an outlet and rock out with us.