Sen. Chris Coons announced Sept. 6 that his bill to extend temporary bankruptcy judgeships passed the Senate.

The bill calls for a five-year extension for 14 temporary bankruptcy judgeships and will create four new bankruptcy judgeships. With this bill, Delaware will retain its one permanent bankruptcy judge, will receive extensions of its five temporary bankruptcy judges and will receive an additional two temporary bankruptcy judgeships for five years to handle the heavy caseload for the district, which is one of the busiest in the country.

“A well-functioning bankruptcy court system is critical for ensuring that individuals and corporations can go through bankruptcy efficiently,” Coons said. “When a corporation is restructuring, delays can mean lost jobs and lost revenue.”

“I am pleased that we were able to pass this bipartisan bill to give our bankruptcy courts the judges they need to manage pressing caseloads,” Coons said. “Delaware has rightly earned its reputation for having one of the most highly regarded bankruptcy courts in the country. This bill ensures that our court has the additional judgeships it needs to administer justice efficiently. It will benefit the parties, the Delaware economy and our nation as a whole.”