An update on the Delaware Sports Complex will be presented at the Middletown Mayor and Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 11.

The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall at 19 W. Green Street, Middletown.

On council’s agenda, the update is listed under public hearings.

The sports complex proposed on Levels Road hasn’t happened. A community informational meeting and a question-and-answer session was held about the project on Thursday, Aug. 31, in Middletown.

At that meeting, the update will be presented by Dan Watson, the owner of the company which was supposed to build the sports complex. He’s the only owner.

He said the sports complex won’t happen with the company he owns, but he believes the Middletown government has other companies interested in building the project.

A United States Bankruptcy judge has ruled that the town of Middletown, which own the property, was legally right to terminate its lease with Delaware Sports Complex LLC, which had earlier filed for bankruptcy protection.

Watson said his company won’t be appealing the judge’s decision, meaning the company is dissolved since the lease was the company’s only asset

The Middletown government could file a motion in a Justice of the Peace Court to eject Delaware Sports Center from the property. The field is now being used by a group called Revolution for soccer games.

Watson said he hopes the town won’t stop the Revolution team from using the fields.

Middletown officials weren’t available for comment.

The Delaware Sports Complex was proposed for 170 acres on Levels Road, to the east and west of the Charles Price Memorial Park in Middletown.

As proposed, the project would have had 20 multi-purpose outdoor fields, 16 baseball fields, tennis courts, and a 75,000-square foot building with an aquatic center. The project was estimated to cost $10 to $13 million.

The owners of the sports complex, which would have run the new expanded facility, originally announced in November 2014, that the project would be built near Summit Aviation north of Middletown on U.S. Route 301.

The following May, however, the sports complex announced plans to lease land from the Town of Middletown and move the gigantic facility to Green Giant Road, just south of the Estates at Saint Anne’s.

But the sports complex said the Green Giant Road location wasn’t feasible due to challenges with vehicle accessibility on rural roads.

Building the project on Levels Road would have provided better access to major arteries to those who will be using the facility and attending sporting events, the sports complex said.