Townsend Town Council has tabled a vote on a proposed ordinance which would add a streetlight fee onto the residents’ trash bills.

At their Wednesday, Sept. 6, meeting, council members were expected to vote on the ordinance, but decided to wait until they had better numbers on how much the streetlight fee would be per month per resident. The ordinance, as written, doesn’t give a specific amount.

However, council did amend the ordinance so that if someone makes a partial payment on their trash bill, the money first goes to pay for the streetlights and then trash collection.

The streetlight fee would be a fixed amount as determined by council. So far, the council members have discussed a $13 streetlight fee per month per customer.

The next time council can vote on the ordinance would be at their next meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 20, in Town Hall.

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