Sen. Chris Coons called on President Donald Trump to reiterate the U.S.’s commitment to the United Nations and its ongoing partnerships and alliances around the world when the president addresses the UN General Assembly on Sept. 19.

“President Trump’s first address to the United Nations tomorrow is an important moment for U.S. foreign policy, and President Trump must use this opportunity to strengthen our partnerships around the world, not tear them apart.” Coons said.

“President Trump should use his speech tomorrow to reassure the rest of the world that the United States will continue to advance the universal values espoused in the UN Charter,” Coons said. “These fundamental freedoms are consistent with American values that have helped shape the world for the better since the UN's founding over 70 years ago.”

“The entire globe benefits from steady, consistent, American leadership, and we, in turn, benefit from partnerships in confronting many of the world's most pressing challenges,” Coons said.

“When confronting North Korea's nuclear program, we need cooperation from China. When confronting Iran, we need our P5+1 partners and UN agencies such as the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Coons said. “When confronting Russian aggression, we need a united NATO and a strong EU. When fighting ISIS, we need a broad coalition.”

“I hope to see President Trump reaffirm these ties and remind the rest of the world that values like respect for human rights and rule of law continue to guide our actions overseas,” Coons said. “Finally, I hope that President Trump sees the value of international organizations like the United Nations in confronting global challenges like climate change, and that he reconsiders his position with regard to the Paris Climate agreement."