A crowd of about 400 vocational technical students from throughout New Castle County got to see NASCAR driver Kyle Larson on Tuesday at St. Georges Technical High School, Middletown.

“We got to come here and speak to the students a little bit on what I do and what it takes to be successful in my form of career, but also theirs,” Larson said.

“This is a really cool place. I wish my school had a lot of these departments when I was in high school. It’s really an awesome place. The kids have great opportunities in front of them.”

In the school auditorium, Larson took questions from school officials and students. Among other questions, he was asked about his racing schedule and crashes.

He starts racing in February and doesn’t stop until the following November, which is a schedule that makes some drivers quit.

As for crashes, he had one at the Daytona International Speedway when his Chevrolet went airborne into the catchfence. He survived unscathed.

In the auditorium where Larson spoke, school officials asked for anybody who had July 31 as their birthday to raise their hand. Three did and they won three tickets to the NASCAR race at Dover Downs. Larson was born on July 31.

One of those three students was Keegan Easthom, a student at St. Georges. He was born on that date and had the driver’s license with him to prove it.

When asked what he thought about Larson’s visit, Easthom said, “It’s pretty cool because I never met a NASCAR driver, but I’ve been to races.”