The Delaware Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Fish & Wildlife has designated three upcoming Saturdays as youth hunting days on public and private lands statewide.

Youth waterfowl hunting days for youth hunters ages 10-15 will be Oct. 21 and Feb. 10, 2018. Delaware’s annual deer hunting day for youth hunters, as well as for nonambulatory disabled hunters, will be Nov. 4.

Youth hunters must be of sufficient physical size and strength to safely handle a firearm and must be accompanied by an adult companion age 21 or older who possesses a valid Delaware hunting license or is legally exempt from purchasing a license. Only the youth hunter may possess a firearm. Youth hunters age 13-15 must have completed a hunter education course, possess a certification card and purchase a Delaware junior hunting license. Youth hunters age 10-12 must possess a license exempt number and may take hunter education.

To hunt on state wildlife areas that require a lottery, youth hunters do not need to purchase a deer stand/waterfowl blind permit to participate in the special youth-only days, but they are required to have this permit to hunt during all other deer and waterfowl seasons.

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