Lots of new jams by Demo Taped, Yoke Lore, Anna of the North and others

DEMO TAPED - 'Insecure'

Adam Alexander, aka Demo Taped, recently debuted his soulful and genre-bending track, 'Insecure.' The 19 year old Atlanta native recorded the track at the church where his grandfather is the pastor, and chatted to NPR about the gospel inspired track and how the church spawned his career in music. 

YOKE LORE - 'Beige'

When Yoke Lore, the new project of Adrian Galvin (previously Walk The Moon, Yellerkin) isn't creating dreamy indie tunes and racking in millions of streams on Spotify, the multitalented artist is dancing, doing yoga, shopping for crewneck sweatshirts or drawing (he actually lent his artistic skills to create all of the cover art for his music). Unapologetically himself, Yoke Lore just dropped a video for his tune 'Beige' - which sees him used as a prop in a studio shoot, symbolizing the pressure many artists feel to be something that they're not. 

MALLRAT - 'Better'

With several HypeM chart toppers under her belt, Mallrat recently returned with her new gem, "Better." The 19 year old Brisbane artist pens relatable and charming tunes teaming with wit, an IDGAF attitude, and bubble gum sweet melodies. She has toured with Maggie Rogers, plays headlining sold out shows in massive venues in Australia, and she has love from tastemakers like Noisey, NY Times, Stereogum and more. Plus, she was recently included in Gorillaz' playlist of Kick Ass Women. This week, Mallrat is debuting the dreamy accompanying visuals for "Better."

LINES - 'You' Biyo Remix

After hitting no. 6 on the Spotify Global Viral Chart with their debut track, "Weekends", Stockholm group LINES returned with their highly anticipated follow up, "You" - a track that is at it's core, a love song - but with an edge to it, detailing how when people break up and things turn sour - they express their pain in different ways. 

ANNA OF THE NORTH - 'Lovers' (Jim-E Stack Remix)

This year, the Norwegian duo of Anna Lotterud and Brady Daniell-Smith, known as Anna of the North, dropped their full-length debut record following a run of singles which racked in over 60 million streams, multiple No.1 spot’s on the Hype Machine charts and rotation on Radio 1, Triple J and Beats 1. Anna also recently lent her vocals to Tyler, The Creator for two tracks from his new album, and now the duo are dropping a dreamy remix of the title track, "Lovers."