The Drug, Vice and Organized Crime Unit raided two stores Tuesday.

Acting on a tip, Dover police on Tuesday raided two stores at the Dover Mall, seizing a large amount of counterfeit sports merchandise.

The department’s Drug, Vice, and Organized Crime Unit served search warrants at the Sports Fever and Christmas Treasures stores, department spokesman Master Cpl. Mark Hoffman said Thursday.

“We had information that there may be counterfeit merchandise being sold at these locations,” he said.

Officers recovered 311 NFL counterfeit jerseys, 87 MLB counterfeit jerseys, 93 NBA counterfeit jerseys, 15 NCAA counterfeit jerseys, nine MLB counterfeit T-shirts, 42 NFL counterfeit T-shirts, 77 NFL counterfeit sweatshirts, seven MLB counterfeit sweatshirts, nine NBA counterfeit sweatshirts and one NHL counterfeit sweatshirt, Hoffman said.

They also seized 347 counterfeit New Era hats, 29 counterfeit Mitchell and Ness hats, 20 counterfeit 47 Brand hats, eight counterfeit Adidas hats, 13 counterfeit Nike hats, 10 counterfeit Reebok hats and 402 counterfeit photographs.

Both stores are owned by 42-year-old Salvatore Argo of Mountaintop, Pa., Hoffman said, and the department is expecting to file at least 11 felony trademark counterfeiting charges against him.

It will be up to state Attorney General Matt Denn to contact Pennsylvania officials to bring Argo to Delaware, Hoffman said.

“Extradition is determined by the AG’s office, but we anticipate his cooperation in this matter,” Hoffman said.

Although he had no information on how many people worked at the stores, Hoffman said the department has no plans to bring charges against any store employee.­