The Delaware Department of Transportation released its latest update for the mobile app.

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles enhanced the DMV practice test, which now includes the ability to take the practice test in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole. This improvement will help more Delaware residents better prepare for driver's license exams. The list of 20 practice questions will randomly change each time ensuring that each user covers the range of information required to successfully pass the written test.

In addition, DelDOT enhanced the usability of the "Report an Issue" feature for reporting streetlight issues. Now, suggested streetlights near the user's location will be presented, narrowing the results for selection for submission. Users will still have the option to submit a location for a specific streetlight issue if it is not in their immediate vicinity.

Lastly, the DelDOT travel advisory map was updated to provide the user the ability to click on the specific listed advisories/closures/restrictions that they may be interested in which will take the user to the location on the map versus searching for it in the conclave of dots in the previous version of the travel advisory map.

The DelDOT App is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded free, search for "DelDOT" at the Apple and Google Play stores.

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