The Delaware State Police Canine Training Unit held a graduation ceremony for the 2017 Fall Patrol Certification class.

Eight teams completed three months of training with new K-9’s. During the ceremony, Col. Nathaniel McQueen Jr. recognized the graduating teams led by K-9 handlers Master Cpls. Lenny Aguilar and Jeffrey Miller for their commitment and dedication.

The ceremony took place Dec. 21 at the Delaware State Police Training Academy and included multiple agencies throughout the state. The graduating class consisted of eight new patrol K-9 teams comprised of five Delaware State Police teams, one Newark Police Department team, one Dover Police Department team and one Laurel Police Department team.

The ceremony celebrated and recognized the completion of 12-14 weeks of various training methods including obedience, confidence course, tracking, building searches, areas searches, suspect apprehension and officer protection.

In addition to the requirements set by the unit, all the teams were trained to meet the standards of the Nation Police Canine Association. Also, in addition to the Patrol teams, three K-9 teams were cross trained in Narcotics detection and are now Dual Purpose Patrol and Narcotics detection teams.

The graduation of the trained K-9 handlers and their partners for the Fall Patrol Certification and the Dual Purpose Patrol and Narcotics Certification Classes include:

— Fall Patrol Certification Teams: Cpl./2 Todd Buchert and K-9 Riddick-Troop 4, Cpl./2 Brian Page and K-9 Rino-Troop 7, Cpl. Nick Ronzo and K-9 Bane-Troop 2 GTF, Trooper First Class Pete Irwin and K-9 Chico-Troop 1, Trooper First Class Ben Nefosky and K-9 Mako-Troop 1, Cpl. Joe Kansak and K-9 Havoc-Laurel Police Department, Cpl. Adam Stevens and K-9 Varg-Newark Police Department, Pfc. Brooks Ogden and K-9 Zeus-Dover Police Department.

— Dual Purpose Patrol and Narcotics Certification teams: Cpl. Chip Fidler and K-9 Macho- Troop 4, Cpl. Eric Saccomanno and K-9 Nuke-Troop 9 and Cpl. Adam Stevens and K-9 Varg- Newark Police Department.