Gov. John Carney released a statement Jan. 4 on the Donald Trump administration’s plan to open up areas in the Atlantic Ocean, including waters off the Delaware coastline, to oil and gas drilling.

“Drilling for oil and gas in the Atlantic off Delaware’s coast would create the risk of a catastrophic spill or other related disasters that would not only threaten our natural resources, but pose serious threats to Delaware’s economy,” said Carney.

“More than 60,000 jobs are tied, directly and indirectly, to tourism and recreation along our coastline. Coast-related activities contribute almost $7 billion to our economy. We also have an obligation to take steps to confront climate change, and this takes us in the wrong direction. Delaware is our country’s lowest-lying state, and the effects of sea-level rise pose significant risks,” said Carney.

“For all of these reasons, I continue to stand with Delawareans in opposing drilling off the coast of Delaware or elsewhere in the Atlantic, and we will continue to voice our opposition,” said Carney.