Appoquinimink High School students led a program March 14 to remember those killed in the school shooting at Parkland, Florida one month ago.

The ceremony was held in the Appoquinimink High gym with more than 800 people attending, said Sophia Angeletakis, a senior at the school and one of the organizers of the event.

Student leaders decided to have the remembrance inside the school because parents might be concerned if their children were outside the building, she said. The school administration allowed the ceremony.

The event was not a protest, but a remembrance, Angeletakis said. Teachers were required to keep teaching, but the students had the option of walking out to the gym where the event was held, she said.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a student asked the audience to be quiet and respectful. There was a circle of 17 desks with chairs in memory of the 17 students killed in Parkland. There was a candle on each desk, and students placed roses on the desks and lit the candles. There also was a Power Point display showing the names, a description, and a picture of each of the 17 victims.

Angeletakis said the students at Appoquinimink High were very quiet during the ceremony.

“This was the most quiet I’ve seen for Appo students and more people attended than any pep rally,” she said.

Angeletakis said she’s going to the march planned in Washington, D.C. March 24 with hopefully five people, including herself.

On her decision to go, she said, “I want to be part of a group that’s just as enthusiastic as I am about the gun control topic.”

She said to combat gun violence, students can voice their opinion and contact their Congressional representatives and U.S. Senators, but they have to be consistent because “politicians expect things to die down.”