Proposal on Route 299 in Middletown requires Town Council approval

The Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission gave the green light Thursday to a mixed retail and apartment complex, consisting of eight buildings, near Acme on Route 299.

Plans call for the complex to have 225 apartments, including 144 garden apartments, and 20,791-square-feet of retail space. Retail will be on the ground level and apartments on the upper levels of the multi-story buildings.

A mix of apartments and retail allows the residents to shop near where they live, giving a sense of community, project officials said.

In October of last year, the commissioners recommended against the plan, but changed their minds because the applicant submitted a traffic study and the zoning allows for the development. Also, Route 299 will be widened in the same time frame the project is completed.

The Planning Commission is only a recommending body. Town Council will have the final say if the plan is approved or not. Town Council will likely vote on the plan in April.