New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer and Emergency Medical Services Chief Lawrence E. Tan announced the launch of PulsePoint, a smartphone application that directs citizen responders to locations where CPR is needed to save lives.

PulsePoint is an emergency response program that alerts CPR-trained bystanders about a nearby cardiac arrest event and directs citizen responders to the closest automatic external defibrillator during an emergency medical response.

Members of the public who are trained in CPR are encouraged to download the free PulsePoint smartphone app, available on the Apple App store and Google Play; and register their willingness to provide CPR during an emergency medical situation. PulsePoint is linked to the dispatch computer in the New Castle County 911 center and when a possible cardiac arrest is reported, the 911 system sends an alert that notifies nearby users.

The PulsePoint app also provides a crowd-sourced countywide AED registry. Individuals can use the PulsePoint app to record locations where AEDs are available in public settings. Users place the AED location on a map, add business and descriptor information and submit photos of the AED in its location in businesses, government facilities and other community sites. Community-sourced AED locations, once confirmed, are available on the PulsePoint app when participating bystanders are notified of nearby sudden cardiac arrest events.