Owners have food trucks in Wilmington and New Jersey

Husband and wife team, Vicky and Glenn James, got their wish.

They opened Vicky’s Famous Fried Fish restaurant on East Main Street in Middletown in the same shopping center as Roma’s on Feb. 24.

The Middletown couple have operated food trucks in Wilmington and Cowtown Rodeo in Pilesgrove, N.J., for more than 23 years, but they wanted a restaurant in the town where they live.

“We’ve had two food trucks,” said Glenn. “This is our first restaurant building. We live here in Middletown. We’ve always wanted [to have the restaurant] here.”

Vicky said the restaurant is community based.

“We do catering to everybody – families, businesses, churches,” she said. “We offer a menu that’s affordable. We give a nice value for their money.”

The restaurant is about 1,300 square feet. For the moment, there’s only a long blue bench for customers to sit on, but the couple hope to add tables and chairs later.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for eating in. We need to add that,” Glenn said.

Staff at the restaurant consists of the husband and wife, but their granddaughter, Jordan Davenport, a Middletown High School student, helps in her spare time and is considered to be in training.

Many different types of fish are on the restaurant’s menu and they are mostly fried, including whiting, catfish, tilapia, flounder, cod, and crab cakes.

Whiting is part of the cod family.

“It’s a nice mild tasting fish, universal to most people’s taste buds,” Glenn said, adding that his wife also “makes fantastic crab cakes.”

Also on the menu are chicken wings.

Vicky’s grandmother and mother taught her how to cook.

“We have some family recipes and Ms. Vicky loves to cook,” Glenn said.

Since 1994, the couple have had a food truck on Bowers Street in Wilmington and since 1995 in Cowtown with the same name as the restaurant. Their daughter, Maxine James, operates the food trucks and the couple continues to own them.

Hours for the Middletown restaurant are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and closed Sunday.