Project proposed on Levels Road

Middletown Mayor Kenneth Branner Jr. on Monday said the town government will be accepting proposals for a sports complex on Levels Road.

In an announcement at the town council meeting, Branner said the request for proposal packages will be available to interested parties this coming Monday afternoon.

Included in the packages will be a marketing study the town government commissioned with an outside agency specializing in large sports complex facilities, Branner said.

Proposals for the sports complex will be due to the town manager’s office on Friday, June 1 at noon.

The mayor and council will review all proposals in a closed-door session following the June 4 meeting. Presentations and public hearings will be scheduled following the closed-door session based on the responses the town receives for the sports complex request for proposals, Branner said.

After the council meeting Monday, Branner said the sports complex would be located on about 170 acres on Levels Road near the town’s Charles E. Price Memorial Park.

The town previously issued a request for proposals for the construction, maintenance and operation of a multi-field outdoor sports complex with an indoor sports facility at the same location where the new proposal is designated.

But the one proposal received was deemed incomplete by the town.

Before that, a company had proposed a sports complex at that location and had a lease with the town for the property. But the company filed for bankruptcy and the lease was cancelled. A U.S. bankruptcy judge ruled the town, which owns the land, had the right to terminate the lease.