Patrol vehicle flipped after colliding with vehicle on East Main Street at Catherine Street

A Middletown police officer responding to a call was involved in a serious multi-vehicle crash which left the officer’s vehicle upside down on a van on East Main Street today, April 5.

The police officer’s medical condition and others involved in the crash are unknown at this time.

Police haven’t released a statement.  The accident happened at about 2:10 p.m. on East Main Street at the intersection with Catherine Street in Middletown.

Erwin Chante of Millington, Md., was a passenger in the van where the police car landed, and he said he saw the accident happen.

According to him, the police car was driving with its overhead emergency lights on and was heading away from downtown on East Main Street and was hit by another car traveling into the intersection from Catherine Street.

The two cars collided, and the police car flipped and landed on top of the van heading the opposite way on East Main Street. Chante said he saw the traffic light was red on East Main Street at the time of the accident.

Rudy Gonzales of Millington was driving the van and wasn’t injured. He and Chante are friends and were driving home from a construction job in Wilmington when the accident happened. 

Chante said the police landing on top the van “scared him,” especially when he saw gasoline coming from the police car, but it didn’t explode.

Just before the accident, witnesses inside Friendly’s on East Main Street saw a girl carried into a helicopter which apparently landed on the grass at Middletown High School to take her to the hospital.

According to a server at the restaurant, someone came in and said a young girl on a bicycle was hit by a car in the intersection of East Main Street at Middletown High. It’s not clear if the police officer involved in the crash was responding to the bicycle accident.

The Transcript will release further details when they become available.