The concert is at the Voltage Lounge on Friday, April 20.

Emo/indie punk band Free Throw covers a Chance The Rapper song on their new EP, “Missing Pieces.”

The EP features a stripped-down version of songs from the band’s project “Bear Your Mind,” which reached No. 7 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart last year. Their new EP also has the Chance tune “Same Drugs.”

Free Throw, led by frontman Cory Castro, will tour to the Voltage Lounge in Philly on Thursday, April 20. The Nashville band will open for Boston Manor.

Castro dished on battling mental illness, a WWE wrestler he’d love to collaborate with, playing videos games on tour and more.

Why was it important to create "Missing Pieces?” 

More than I think it was important, it was absolutely fun to take the songs and do something different with them. Also, getting to think outside the box on a cover of a song people wouldn’t expect us to do was an awesome experience. The title takes from the lyrics of “Andy and I, Uh… .”We thought it was fitting because we were stripping down the songs to softer versions, hence some pieces were missing.

You've already performed in Europe, which was a dream. What's the next big goal for the band (or you personally)?

I’d honestly say to just keep moving upward and onward. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of what we have so far, and I can’t wait to see where else the band takes us. I personally would love to go to Japan some day.

Some people don't understand mental illness and think the person suffering from it is just using it as an excuse. What's your reaction to that? What's one way mental illness has affected you?

My reaction is to tell anyone who honestly thinks that to do their research. Learn more about it. I know it’s hard to understand something that you don’t experience, but that shouldn’t stop you from learning or trying to understand.

Mental illness has affected my entire life. I’ve suffered from anxiety disorder and bouts with depression a lot. It affects my everyday life, but luckily I’ve started a new medication recently that has helped a lot. I’ve been feeling a lot better than I have in years.

Where does the name Free Throw come from? Are you all basketball fans?

Honestly, the story isn’t that cool. Our bass player, Justin [Castro], suggested the name while we were eating at a Jack in the Box one night. As for us being basketball fans, we are all big sports fans. I’d say hockey is the preferred sport over basketball for the band.

What's your favorite way to pass time on the road, if it's not watching TV/Netflix shows?

We’ve been trying to catch Larry [Warner] up on “Game of Thrones,” since he just recently started it and the rest of us are fans. I’ve also been playing a lot of phone games like “Fortnite” and “PUBG.”

If you could have one entertainer star in one of your music videos, who would you like to cast?

I’m really big into professional wrestling so I think I’d have to go with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s also one of the biggest names in entertainment, so it would be huge to have him in a video. I also got him to tweet at us once. It was one of the coolest days ever.