Sen. Tom Carper released a statement April 25 after the Senate voted to approve Mike Pompeo to be secretary of state.

“Now, perhaps more than ever, America’s top diplomat must be an individual who will reassure our allies around the world of America’s commitment to democracy, humanitarianism and critical international agreements, including the Iran Deal. I had hoped to discuss these issues with Mr. Pompeo and to hear his vision for the State Department, but, unfortunately, Mr. Pompeo was unable to make the time to meet with me ahead of this vote,” said Carper.

“As a result, I must make my decision based on Mr. Pompeo’s record on the critical issues that our next secretary of state will face. Mr. Pompeo has been a vocal opponent of the historic, multilateral agreement that has kept Iran from advancing its nuclear weapons program. He has repeatedly opposed legislative and legal efforts aimed at advancing the rights of minority groups in this country, including women and LGBT individuals. He has also promoted deeply-troubling views regarding Muslim-Americans, which is especially concerning given President Trump’s similarly alarming rhetoric. It is true that Mr. Pompeo expressed more measured views at his recent confirmation hearing — but absent the chance to speak with him myself — I am simply not confident that those statements negate the far extreme positions he has consistently espoused throughout his career,” said Carper.

“While I hope that I am wrong, I am not convinced that Mr. Pompeo will be a suitable representative of American values around the world, and I cannot support his nomination,” said Carper.