VIDEO - Using the most natural of power sources -- our star Sol -- teams of budding scientists raced solar-powered cars Thursday morning.

There were 23 teams of students on hand from 12 middle schools across Delaware to take part in the annual Junior Solar Sprint model car competition, held April 26 at the Delaware State Fairgrounds.

Schools included Holy Cross, Dover, Fifer Middle, Camden, Postlethwait Middle, Camden and Central Middle, Dover.

Teams from H.B. DuPont Middle, Hockessin, P.S. duPont Middle, Wilmington, Cab Calloway, Wilmington, Beacon Middle, Lewes, Springer Middle, Wilmington, Ganger-Cobbs Middle, Newark, the Jefferson School, Georgetown and Waters Middle, Middletown, also were represented.

The students teamed up with their classmates to design and build solar-powered model cars, which they raced in a double-elimination competition. Awards were presented for speed, engineering and creative design.

Winning teams are eligible to compete in the national Junior Solar Sprint, sponsored by the Army Educational Outreach Program.

The competition is sponsored by DNREC’s Division of Energy and Climate together with the Delaware Technology Student Association.

NOTE: This story has been updated to include competition results.