Her YouTube channel boasts 2.9 million views and 44,000 subscribers

Kimberly Phillips is a triple threat. She’s a teacher; a YouTuber; and most recently, she was crowned Mrs. Delaware America 2018.

Phillips, of Camden, won the crown April 28 at The Grand in Wilmington. Her platform is women’s empowerment.

By day, she teaches first grade at Nellie H. Stokes Elementary School in Camden.

By night, Phillips runs her YouTube page, named Kym Yvonne, featuring beauty and hair tutorials, vlogs, do-it-yourself home improvements and more.

Her channel has 44,000 subscribers and 2.9 million views.

Do people treat you differently since winning?

The students in my school do. I didn’t know a lot of them knew I won. I knew my students did, but not students from the other grade levels. On Monday morning, [April 30], I was in my classroom and some came up to me from an upper grade level and just randomly gave me a hug and said, “Hi Mrs. Delaware!” I was like, “aww.” It was cute. Other than that, people haven’t treated me differently.

What’s one of your quirks?

What a lot of people don’t know about me is I love to watch murder mysteries, shows such as “Dateline” or things like that. I really love it; and I don’t know why that is. It’s so interesting. I’m not sure if you heard of Mary Higgins Clark, but her books are amazing. She writes mystery and suspense.

Where does your passion for mysteries come from?

I started reading really early, I think when I was 3 or 4. When I was about 6, I started reading the newspaper all the time. I’d always enjoy telling my family what was going on in the news; and back in New Jersey, I guess there were a lot of bad things happening. So I found it pretty interesting. From there, I suppose I got interested in all sorts of detective stuff; and I liked to read “Nancy Drew” books.

What are your goals as an internet personality?

I love connecting with other girls. I know there’s so many girls with low self-esteem. I used to teach high school, so I had a lot of girls who’d come up to me, and even through YouTube, asking me how do I have so much confidence, and how to be so positive? My goal is to reach as many young women and girls and have them feel empowered about themselves.

Give an example of one way you’d like to demonstrate women’s empowerment.

Last year I was the speaker at a women’s homeless shelter. I think speaking at women’s homeless shelters is my plan; and making sure every woman, even if they’re at their lowest, sees that it can get better.

There’s a stigma in pageantry that the contestants are more concerned with growing their own name than bringing change through their platforms. What are your thoughts?

I definitely don’t agree with that. I’ve been doing my platform for years. To me, [being a title holder], is to help further my platform and bring awareness to what I’m promoting. It’s never been about me, but helping others. I’ve been doing my YouTube videos on my channel, at least, for four years.

How much has the #MeToo movement motivated you to select women’s empowerment as your platform?

It’s had a great effect, because it’s showing other women it’s not just me speaking, but there’s also other women around the world who are confident in themselves and truly believe in helping others. I feel like it’s connecting all women together.