Gov. John Carney issued a statement May 22 on the Joint Finance Committee’s vote to appropriate 97 percent of available revenue this year and conserve surplus revenue.

“Delaware has a tradition of fiscal responsibility, and I want to thank members of the Joint Finance Committee for their vote today, which shows restraint and a commitment to making responsible, long-term decisions about our finances. On our current pace and without action, our spending needs will outgrow our ability to pay for them. That’s why we’ve been focused since taking office on addressing our long-term challenges, on responsibly investing one-time revenue and on making sure we don’t spend beyond our means. This will require a long-term commitment. Today’s vote is a major step toward that commitment and I look forward to working with the entire general assembly through this session to ensure this additional surplus revenue is set aside. Thank you to members of the Joint Finance Committee for their partnership in this effort,” said Carney.