The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will conduct two mid-year surveys, the June Agricultural Survey and the June Area Survey.

The agency will contact around 350 producers across Delaware to determine crop acreage and stock levels as of June 1.

Data for the June Agricultural Surveys are gathered by NASS via the internet, mail, phone or via in-person interview. For the June Area Survey, trained NASDA enumerators representing NASS visit select tracts of land and interview the operators of any farm or ranch within that selected tract. Growers are asked to provide information on planted and harvested acreage — including acreage for biotech crops — and grain stocks. Additionally, the survey collects data on livestock inventory, cash rents, land values and value of sales.

NASS will analyze the survey information and publish the results in a series of USDA reports, including the annual acreage and quarterly grain stocks reports, both to be released June 29. Survey data also contribute to NASS’s monthly and annual crop production reports, the annual small grains summary, the annual farms and land in farms and land values reports, various livestock reports and USDA’s monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.

NASS reports are available at

For more, call 800-282-8685.