American flags placed on soldiers' grave markers

On Monday May 21, the VFW Post 3792 and Auxiliary held an event, Flags for the Fallen.

Members of the Post and Auxiliary, along with the community went to all the cemeteries around Middletown, Townsend and Odessa to place American flags on every soldiers’ grave marker.

 “Although these soldiers are gone, we want to make sure it is known they are never forgotten. Each year, the weekend before Memorial Day, the VFW goes out to place these flags in remembrance of our heroes,” said Irene Alkire, senior vice president, VFW Auxiliary 3792

 This year has been the biggest support yet from the community and the organization is extremely grateful.

 “To see folks bring their families, especially even their small children was beautiful. We hope each year the support will grow and the children, will someday bring their children to honor all of our fallen heroes,” Alkire said.

“On behalf of the VFW Post 3792 & Auxiliary, we warm heartedly thank our Community,” she said.

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