The Delaware State Police, Delaware Office of Highway Safety, Delaware Department of Transportation and AAA-MidAtlantic have partnered to educate the motoring public on the importance of load securement.

This year’s annual “Secure Your Load Day” is recognized on June 6 and is a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the dangers of unsecured loads and road debris on our nation’s highways.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration includes the day on its calendar and the addition of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators approved “Secure Your Load” language in the manual for all non-commercial drivers nationwide.

Here are some recommendations to properly secure your load in six easy steps:

— Tie down load with rope, netting or straps

— Tie large objects directly to the vehicle or trailer

— Cover the entire load with a sturdy tarp or netting

— Don’t overload the vehicle

— Always double check load to make sure a load is secure

— “Secure Your Load” as if your loved ones driving in the car behind

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