Information and discussion at the Delaware City Public Library; Wednesday night in Rehoboth Beach and Thursday night in Newark.

Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network will host three HB 110 Information Sessions, June 12 through June 14, in Delaware City, Rehoboth Beach, and Newark, to close out a ten-part educational series, discussing the social and economic benefits of HB110.

The information sessions will focus on the history of cannabis laws in Delaware, the status and details of HB 110, and well-cited information, research and statistics on cannabis from Delaware and states that have legalized cannabis for adults. The presentation will be followed by an open question and answer segment.

HB 110, the Marijuana Control Act, was introduced in March of 2017, and passed the House Revenue and Finance Committee 9-2 the following May.

An amendment to HB110 is expected this week, and includes actionable solutions from the Adult Use Cannabis Task Force, which was created to take recommendation from various stakeholders, and the agencies that will regulate the plant once it is legal.

Advocates hope to get the legislation through both chambers by the end of the 2017-2018 Legislative Session on June 30.

“Delaware cannot afford to wait to tax and regulate its pre-existing market for cannabis. HB 110, the Marijuana Control Act, simply decides who will control the existing multi-million dollar market: dangerous criminals and gangs, or licensed and regulated entrepreneurs,” said Zoë Patchell, the group’s executive director.

“The current costly cannabis laws do not reduce the use, supply or demand, and have no measurable objectives, while wasting millions annually on enforcement.”

Delaware CAN is hosting their 19th Delaware Citizens’ Cannabis Lobby Day Tuesday, June 19. For more information or to register for these free events, go to